Project documents

Final Project Report and Intermediate Report

The following books were published:
1. Science in Serbia 2010-2013 published by CONUS and NCSTD in 2014
2. Science in Serbia in 2014 published by CONUS and NCSTD in 2015
3. Doctoral Studies in Serbia published in Serbian by CONUS in 2014
4. Doctoral Studies in Serbia published in English by CONUS in 2015
5. Science: State, Strategy, Perspective, published by SASA in 2016
6. Roadmap for the Establishment of Strategic Partnership Between Academia, Industry and Other Involved Parties in Improving the Quality of Doctoral Studies published by CONUS and UNS in 2017
7. From Doctoral Studies to Doctoral Schools with special chapter: Guide for implementation of Doctoral Schools in Serbia (Activity 4.6.) published by CONUS in 2017

The following papers and presentations were generated:
Two papers SURVEY OF RESEARCH AND INNOVATION IN SERBIA 2011-2016, CONTRIBUTION OF DOCTORAL STUDIES and LAW AMENDMENTS AND NaRDuS – what changes have been brought during first two years?, XXIII Conference TREND2017 “Higher Education and Science in Serbia” and
Presentation Doctoral Schools – New Possibility for Cooperation Between Universities and Industry in South East Europe, Professional Workshop Oil Industry in Serbia and Higher Education in South East Europe, June 24th, 2015, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade
Invited lecture: Doctoral schools – concepts and application, International conference Sensiever 2015 in Novi Sad on 9th of October, 2015
Poster DOCTORAL SCHOOLS – A NEW APPROACH IN QUALITY ASSURANCE OF DOCTORAL STUDIES, International Conference Modernization of Universities through Strengthening of Knowledge Transfer, Research and Innovations, Tempus Project WBCInno, September 18th, 2015, Novi Sad

Project flyer (old and new)

Project documents by Work Packages:


  1. The preliminary version of the new Standards for doctoral studies
  2. The final version of the new Standards for doctoral studies
  3. The Standards for doctoral studies in Arts
  4. The proposed Regulations for funding doctoral studies
  5. The Bylaws for funding research projects by MoESTD 


  1.  Amendments to LHE were adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in September 2014, including a paragraph dealing with this subject (page 4, article 18)
  2. Amendments to the Law on Scientific Research. Doctoral studies were treated in two paragraphs of the document. These amendments were accepted by the National Assembly December 29th, 2015
  3. The final text of the Strategy on Scientific and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia for the period 2016 – 2020 “Research for Innovation” (in Serbian Strategija razvoja naučnog i tehološkog razvoja Srbije za period od 2016. do 2020. godine “Istraživanja za inovacije”) was adopted on March 3rd, 2016 by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, including the text proposed directly by RODOS
  4. Doctoral Schools are incorporated in the final version of the Action Plans of the Strategy of Education, adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on January 31st, 2015. This achievement (pages 36-38 in the Action Plans)
  5. questionnaire addressed to all the members of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (more than 1000 addresses)
  6. The Roadmap for collaboration doctoral studies – industry


  1. REPORT Activity 3.1. EU Experiences in the Domain of Doctoral Schools
  2. Overview on the Austrian Higher Education System at Doctoral Study level, with special emphasis on the doctoral programs at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria (BOKU)
  3. Doctoral studies and Doctoral Schools in Flanders and at Ghent University
  4. Overview on the Greek Higher Education System at Doctoral Study level and at the Technical University of Crete (TUC)
  5. Overview on the Portuguese Higher Education System at Doctoral Study Level and Doctoral Programs at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon, Portugal
  6. The Regulations for doctoral studies at University of Belgrade, adopted May 24th, 2016, at the initiative of RODOS serves as a good example. The document allows different forms of founding Doctoral Schools in line with the main ideas of RODOS (page 3, Article 6 in the Regulation)
  7. RODOS initiated also changes in the LHE, which are not necessary, but can be helpful for founding Doctoral Schools. The amendment was adopted by MoESTD during a very long procedure lasting several years
  8. The proposal of the Instructions for Preparing the Documentation for the Accreditation of Joint Study Programs (Serbian: Uputstvo za pripremu dokumentacije za akreditaciju zajedničkih studijskih programa)
  9. The Accreditation Standards for Establishing Doctoral Schools 
  10.  Standards for Self-evaluation (with new Standard 15 proposed by RODOS project)
  11. The NCHE adopted the integral text of all Accreditation Standards March 27th, 2017, with all RODOS proposals integrated in this text


  2. NaRDuS ( is a common portal of PhD dissertations and thesis evaluation reports from all Serbian universities. It is based on the Law on Higher Education (Amendments, Sept. 2014, page 3, Article 8)
  3. Report on doctoral studies in the Republic of Serbia in 2014 (in Serbian and in English) and Report on doctoral studies in the Republic of Serbia in 2015 (in Serbian)
  4. Brochure International Doctoral School of the University Megatrend
  5. Brochure of the restructured Doctoral and Master Studies University Singidunum
  6. European Study Program in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage Preservation, (Serbian: Evropski zajednički doktorat iz oblasti primene nauke i tehnologije u kulturnom nasleđu) submitted for EU funding in January 12th, 2016


  1. Quality Control and Monitoring Plan
  2. Project evaluation form
  3. Event evaluation form
  4. First year evaluation report of the Project Quality Control Committee
  5. The first evaluation report by external expert
  6. The final evaluation report by external expert


  1. NaRDuS ( is a common portal of PhD dissertations and thesis evaluation reports from all Serbian universities. It is based on the Law on Higher Education (Amendments, Sept. 2014, page 3, Article 8)


  1. Instructions for financial management
  2. Engagement Letter for the Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report
  3. Independent Report of Factual Findings – Type II on costs claimed under a Grant Agreement financed under the Tempus Programme RODOS