1.2. QA standards for doctoral studies evaluated

The existing QA standards for doctoral studies were evaluated by a specially nominated Working Group from the point of view of the current EU practice (Activity 1.1) and the experiences obtained through the performed accreditation in the Serbian HE.

A report was formulated, emphasizing the details related to the Salzburg principles and EUA recommendations. The obtained results were published in extenso in the book issued and printed by RODOS “Doctoral Studies in Serbia” (in Serbian “Doktorske studije u Srbiji“), and discussed on different occasions.

According to the plan, a workshop was organized as a part of the XXI Conference TREND 2015 “University in changes…”. Two papers WHY SERBIA NEEDS DOCTORAL SCHOOLS? – POTENTIAL MODELS and QUALITY ASSURANCE IN DOCTORAL STUDIES: DOCTORAL SCHOOLS were presented by RODOS team members. Conference was organised by the University of Novi Sad at Zlatibor Mountain from 23rd to 26th of February 2015, with participation of all stakeholders in Serbian higher education.