2.1. Research policy of doctoral studies reconsidered

The existing research policy in Serbia was reconsidered in the light of doctoral studies. Attention was paid to the relationship between the Research and Development Institutes and Universities. Comparisons with the research policies in EU countries was done.

In December 2014 the book “Science in Serbia, 2010-2013” was issued and printed within the framework of the Project. One paragraph, entitled “Students of Doctoral Studies” has been devoted directly to the topics of Activity 2.1. A critical analysis has been presented, including the main statistical indicators for the given period of time. A new survey book “Science in Serbia in 2014” adopted on May 18th, 2015, and printed by RODOS in October 2015 contains the additional material related to the year 2014. The final book of the Project “From Doctoral Studies to Doctoral Schools” contains in the chapter related to the status of research in Serbia and conclusions related to doctoral studies. Statistical indicators are presented, showing that the state has to act efficiently in order to prevent a very pronounced brain drain. Taking care of doctoral students through better organized supervision has been pointed out, as well as the need for new funding regulations.