2.4. Roadmap for doctoral studies defined and adopted

Based on deliverables 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, a strategy for HE, research institutions and industry was formulated to emphasize the role of quality enhancement of doctoral studies in the form of a Roadmap for collaboration doctoral studies – industry. The initial meeting was held in Novi Sad October 21st, 2016, where the results obtained so far were summarized and inputs for Roadmap defined.

The text of the Roadmap was prepared by a Working Group lead by UNS, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and all HEIs of Serbia. The final text was submitted to CONUS, discussed by all the member Universities, and adopted by CONUS at the meeting held on 18.05.2017. The whole text of the Roadmap is presented at the Project Site in Serbian and English languages.

The Roadmap gives a contribution to the establishment of rules, procedures and mechanisms in which the wider community participates in a variety of activities related to doctoral studies. Possibilities for applied research are opened for HEI’s and Industry, including joint planning of subjects, financial support and utilization of the research results in practice. The Roadmap contributes to the training of students of doctoral studies, to the continuation of their careers in other sectors, as well as to recognition of PhDs in the labor market.

The proposal of the LHE which is currently under consideration in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, contains two proposals coming from RODOS, and resulting from Activities 2.3 and 2.4: 1) obligatory meetings of the NCHE with the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, 2) establishment of a new body – Council of Employers for HEIs.