3.1. EU experience in Doctoral Schools analyzed

The existing EU experiences in the domain of doctoral schools and joint doctoral degrees were thoroughly analyzed and evaluated. The university staff from Serbia paid training visits to the EU partners. Attention was paid not only to the academic issues, by also to the organizational and administrative aspects of Doctoral Schools, their accreditation, and recognition of joint doctoral degrees. The analysis on the doctoral study level in Serbia, performed within the RODOS Project and published in the books “Doctoral Studies in Serbia” (Chapters I and II) and “From Doctoral Studies to Doctoral Schools” (Chapters III and IV), gives a comprehensive overview.

The activity encompassed the following events:
1. Study visit to Technical University of Crete, September 2014 – PhD Studies /European Experiences, Some Examples was the topic of a special session of all Serbian Consortium members with the TU Crete delegation. .
2. Study visit to BOKU, Vienna, December 2014. A special session within the study visit agenda was devoted to the structure, programme and additional facilities offered by Doctoral Schools.
3. TREND 2015 Conference, Zlatibor, February 23-26, 2015. RODOS team members presented new trends in organization and quality assurance of doctoral studies in the EHEA,
4. Study Visit to Ghent University, March 2015. The study visit was specially focused on the experiences of Ghent University Doctoral Schools,
5. Visit to Lisbon University, Lisbon, May 2015. Presentation covered important aspects of doctoral studies with emphasis on joint doctoral degrees
6. Participation at the international conference on the Future of the doctorate, organized by European Commission and held in Riga on 28-29 May 2015,
7. Study visit to Technical University of Crete, September 2015. A round table was organized on Concepts of Doctoral Schools in Serbia
8. Study visit to BOKU, Vienna, December 2015. Overview on Doctoral Studies in Austria was given, with focus on financing, scholarships, accreditation and organization of Doctoral Schools in Austria
9. Visit to Lisbon University, Lisbon, May 2016. The Portuguese Quality Assurance Agency and the Portuguese Accreditation System were presented, as well as International Doctorate Networks and International Doctoral Schools organized by IST. A round table with the subject Accreditation standards for joint study programs was organized
10. Study visit to Technical University of Crete, September 2016. Presentation of Doctoral Studies and Doctoral Schools in Greece was given. A Round table on Standards for Establishing of the Doctoral Schools was organized.
11. TREND 2017 Conference, Zlatibor, February, 22-24, 2017. The title of the Conference was “Higher Education and Science in Serbia”. RODOS team members presented papers entitled “” and “LAW AMENDMENTS AND NaRDuS – what changes have been brought during first two years?”. Conference was organized by University of Novi Sad. A special panel: Accreditation Standards for Establishing Doctoral Schools was organized on February 22nd, 2017.