4.3. Selected study programs formulated

In the sense of the explanations done within Activity 4.1, the following Doctoral Schools have been founded::
1. Doctoral School of Mathematics. Faculties of Mathematics of the Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis and Novi Pazar, together with the Institute of Mathematics of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, proposed a Doctoral School of Mathematics, an elite organization offering a set of courses taught by the best teachers in Serbia, and organizing doctoral research projects supervised by the best researchers in particular domains. The School does not require any need for changing legal regulations. However, it requires accreditation, already done by CAQA.
2. Doctoral School of Medicine. This Doctoral School will take care primarily of transversal skills, by organizing specific courses for all doctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kragujevac, which contains many different Divisions (study programs). It will also organize supervision in a more efficient way. Accreditation has been done by CAQA.
3. Doctoral School of Technical Sciences. The Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad made a decision at the highest hierarchical level to organize a Doctoral School of Technical Sciences, comprising 16 study programs in different disciplines of Technology (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Applied Mathematics, etc). The School follows structurally the model adopted by RODOS and presented in the book From Doctoral Studies to Doctoral Schools, covering transversal skills, supervision, multidisciplinary and carrier guidance. All study programs have already been accredited.
4. International Doctoral School of the Megatrend University. The University Megatrend (new name: John Neisbitt University) organized an International Doctoral School in all the fields covered by the existing Faculties. University Primorska, Slovenia, and Bari University, Italy, have been International partners on the basis of Joint Degrees. The model follows the concepts adopted in RODOS. All the study programs have been accredited by CAQA.
5. Doctoral Schools at the University of Belgrade. University of Belgrade has undertaken a multitude of measures oriented towards incorporating Doctoral Schools in its practice. Besides the introduction of Doctoral Schools in its Regulations for Doctoral Studies, University of Belgrade decided to merge all doctoral study programs at the University level and to organize a Doctoral School of Belgrade University. Following the adopted general line of thought, RODOS organized and funded a course of transferrable skills (TRAIN Program, spring 2016). Following one of the paradigms, a Doctoral School of Medicine will be established jointly with the Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Pharmacy. It is expected that the University of Belgrade will continue to organize a large number of Doctoral Schools in near future (guaranteeing high sustainability of the Project).
6. Doctoral School of Biology. This Doctoral School is centered around the Faculty of Biology at the University of Belgrade and the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, member of the University of Belgrade, as an example of a fruitful collaboration between Universities and Research Institutes. The Scholl primarily takes care of the laboratory facilities and research, trying to put together Faculty and Institute staff and to improve supervision. The Scholl also takes care of the organization of transversal skills needed for biologists.
7. Doctoral School of Arts. University of Arts in Belgrade has an intention to implement a Doctoral School of Arts, in which the particular Faculties (Music, Painting, Applied Arts, Theatre) will formally continue functioning as before, but in which transversal skills would be taught within the School. In this sense, a doctoral training was organized by RODOS team April 25th, 2017, in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, devoted to diverse aspects of intellectual property in arts. Further organizational and administrative steps do not require additional accreditation – only decisions at the University level.
8. European Joint Doctoral Degree in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage Preservation. The Institute of Physics, as a member of the University of Belgrade, conceived and organized a Doctoral School with the University La Sapienza, Italy, Politecnico do Milano, Italy, and University of Avignon, France, devoted to Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage Preservation. The students should get Multiple Doctoral Degree from the Universities consortium members. The Institute of Physics applied for funding this Project from EU funds.
9. Doctoral School as Initiative of an R&D Institute. Vlatacom Institute, Belgrade, decided to organize a Doctoral School in the area of Advanced Information and Communication Technology (Radar Systems, Electro-Optical Systems, Cryptology) using its own human and technical resources, in conjunction with several members of CONUS, which would cover all academic and administrative aspects in their domain of competence. Documents are prepared; in near future decision will be made to initiate the accreditation step.

It was decided at the PMB to add an additional value to the Project by organizing several courses related to transversal skills (research methodology, project management, composition of scientific papers, research ethics, etc.). These courses would be kept open for all doctoral students at particular Universities (nucleus for the organization of these courses was made at the PMB meeting at Novi Sad on April 3rd, 2015). It is expected to achieve in such a way two main goals: 1) to get more experience in organization of short courses for doctoral students (similar to those organized in UGent); 2) to show in an evident way advantages provided by Doctoral Schools.