5.1. Report on self evaluation

The University of Ghent, as the Lead Partner for the Work Package 5 – Quality plan, prepared an outline of activities to be implemented in the form of a Quality Control and Monitoring Plan. According to this document, Quality control and monitoring had to be achieved through a number of measures:
1. Procedures for self-evaluation established by CQCM.
2. Everyday monitoring of work plan realization
3. Internal evaluation (questionnaires: Project evaluation form and Event evaluation form)
4. External evaluation (expert).

A self evaluation questionnaire was defined in accordance with the methods and procedures defined by the Consortium members and in compliance with the EU academic values.

The PMB decided to organize self-evaluation two times, in order to achieve direct coordination and synchronization with the evaluation done by the external expert, having in mind that a combination of internal and external view on the project was expected to provide a useful input in the process of securing quality of the RODOS project. All quality control reports contained evaluation of the indicators specified in the LFM, as well as recommendations relevant for the accomplishment of the project objectives.

The first self evaluation assessment was performed on M18. The analyzed results were included in the annual reports of the CQCM. The questionnaires did not only ascertain satisfaction levels, but also served for wider research purposes, e.g. for measuring awareness of certain topics.

The second self evaluation assessment was performed on M40. It provided a summary of the results achieved in the Project, as well as an evaluation of the quality of these results.