5.3. Report of external experts on QC

Prof. Petar Maric from Banja Luka University, Bosnia and Hertzegowina, was elected as an internationally renowned expert to make an external assessment of the Project results.

The external expert evaluated the project for the first time in M18 and wrote a report that was made publically available on the Project Site. Methodology of this quality control included an assessment not only on timely execution of the activities, but also on the quality of the achieved outcomes and outputs and the efficiency of the implementation of the project results. The report included comments about possible discrepancies between the planned and the accomplished activities and suggestions how to achieve the planned goals.

The first external evaluation was very important for the Project results, having in mind that the Project team acted in line with the given suggestions.

The external expert evaluated the project for the second time in M40, making a final assessment of the project results. It is important that the final evaluation confirmed that the actions undertaken on the basis of the suggestions made in the first report were successful.