7.1. Conclusions and further sustainability plans

Numerous formal and informal meetings with the University representatives (deans, department heads, directors of the institutes, etc.) were organized during the eligibility period. It is important that the contact persons for partner institutions were, in majority, at high positions in the University hierarchy. In addition, deans and vice deans of all faculties were invited to the large RODOS conferences organized in Belgrade and Novi Sad. They represented a firm basis for further planning and monitoring of the project activities. The target groups of these meetings were students, teaching staff, higher education authorities, as well as interested civil sector organizations. The most important meetings with the above character were:
1. Meeting of CONUS in January 2015
2. Assembly of CONUS, December 24th, 2015, where NaRDuS was officially presented
3. Meeting of CONUS, May 18th, 2017.