7.4. Improvement of NaRDuS – National Repository of Dissertations in Serbia


NaRDuS (National Repository of Dissertation in Serbia) is one of very important achievements of the Project, contributing in an essential sense to its sustainability.


NaRDuS relies on: a) the obtained results, published in the book “Doctoral Studies in Serbia” and discussed at different events organized by RODOS; and b) the principle of openness of science and knowledge to public and citizens. Amendments on the Law on Higher Education stipulate: 1. for HEIs, to make public all PhD dissertations prior to their defense, 2. for Universities, to provide an open access digital repository containing the defended dissertations (with appropriate documentation), and to deliver to the Ministry of Education a copy of the content for the central repository. Within the project RODOS, the central portal NaRDuS was developed. This is fully in line with the guidelines of the framework program of the European Union for research and innovation (Horizon 2020) and will encourage participation of the Serbian higher education institutions in the European repository of doctoral dissertations. NaRDuS was organized in such a way that there are two persons at each University authorized for dissertation depositing.

Sustainability of NaRDuS is ensured by an agreement on functioning and funding of NaRDuS between MoESTD and Computer Center of the University of Belgrade.

Number of NaRDuS previews