7.2. Network of Universities in Serbia

A university network was created, enabling continuous contacts between the partner institutions and facilitating permanent exchange of information. In such a way it was ensured that the cooperation among consortium members would continue after the project eligibility period. The established network will contributed to the exchange of experiences and evaluation of practice, with possible involvement of other Universities from Serbia and the entire region.

The following Doctoral Schools established within the Project contributed to strengthening of the university network:
Doctoral School of Mathematics; encompassing all public Universities in Serbia, this Doctoral School increases the capacity of the network of Serbian Universities for establishing similar doctoral Schools in future
International Doctoral School of Megatrend University; increases the dimension of the network by introducing the international aspect
European Joint Doctoral Degree in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage Preservation; increases the network at the international level
Doctoral School of Vlatacom Institute: enlarges the network by incorporating members from R&D sector and industry.

The university network will continue functioning after the eligibility period.

There were in total 86 coordination meetings.