4.2. Doctoral School Offices opened and equipped

After a detailed analysis of all aspects of providing administrative support to Doctoral Schools, the PMB found that the capacity of Serbian HEIs is such that formal opening of Doctoral School Offices is not necessary for efficient functioning of the new organizational structure. This is, obviously, also connected to the adopted general methodology oriented towards building a large implementation front of diverse types of Doctoral Schools (much more than planned in the Proposal), as described in Activity 4.1. The PMB decided to make a general contribution to the organizational support of Doctoral Schools by:

1) widening IT capacity of selected HEIs (connected directly or indirectly with concrete case studies) by purchasing additional equipment (servers, laptops), with the aim to facilitate intensive R&D activities;
2) introducing and implementing university repositories for doctoral dissertations at UAB and UM (where such repositories did not exist before)
3) introducing and implementing the repository of doctoral dissertations at the state level (National Repository of Doctoral Dissertations in Serbia – NaRDuS), located at the MoESTD (see the book From Doctoral Studies to Doctoral Schools, Chapter VI).

NaRDuS (http://nardus.mpn.gov.rs/) is a common portal of PhD dissertations and thesis evaluation reports from all Serbian universities. It is based on the Law on Higher Education (Amendments, Sept. 2014, page 3, Article 8).

All universities are obliged to deposit basic information about each and every dissertation – together with the thesis evaluation report and dissertation itself – to NaRDuS within the three months period starting from the date of PhD dissertation defense.

From the point of view of direct impact on HE of Serbia, NaRDuS represents one of the major concrete achievements of RODOS, contributing in an essential way to a sustainable restructuring of Doctoral Studies in Serbia.