4.5. Selected study programs accredited and implemented

According to the results from deliverables 4.1, 4.2. and 4.3, extreme efforts have been done in the direction of formal establishment and implementation of the founded Doctoral Schools. Having in mind the adopted methodology, a large number of Schools (much more than planned in the Proposal) of diverse kinds have been founded, each having its own specific properties. At the end of the Project eligibility period, we have the following situation:
1) Doctoral School of Mathematics, accredited, students enrolled in 2016,
2) Doctoral School of Medicine, accredited, students enrolled in 2017,
3) Doctoral School of Technical Sciences, in the process of accreditation,
4) Doctoral School of the Megatrend University, accredited, students enrolled in 2016,
5) Study programs on Bio-photonics and Biomedical Engineering and Technology (part of the University of Belgrade – Interdisciplinary Doctoral School in the process of establishing), accredited (financially supported by RODOS) students enrolled in 2016,
6) Doctoral School of Biology, accredited, students enrolled in 2015,
7) Doctoral School of Arts, study programs accredited, student enrolmented in doctoral training in 2017,
8) European Study Program in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage Preservation, (Serbian: Evropski zajednički doktorat iz oblasti primene nauke i tehnologije u kulturnom nasleđu) submitted for EU funding in January 12th, 2016,
9) Doctoral School in ICT promoted by Vlatacom Institute, currently under consideration by several HEIs.

It is of utmost importance that numerous HEIs expressed their willingness to organize and implement a Doctoral School. This represents a very important result, guaranteeing high Project sustainability.